Y. Abul-Failat, The Oil and Gas Sector in Jordan: An Overview

In order to tackle the accelerating growth in the demand for energy, and confront any obstacles which impede the implementation of prosperous energy projects, The Master Strategy of the Energy Sector in Jordan for the Period 2007 – 2020 (“Jordan’s Energy Strategy”) has been sanctioned by the Cabinet on 7/12/2004. In both the oil and the natural gas sectors, the principle recommendation and goal of the Jordan’s Energy Strategy is to attract foreign investment to explore, develop and produce resources in open areas. 

In Jordan there is no specific legislation regulating oil and gas activities, yet, the legal framework is suitable for the current volume and condition of operations in the sector. This paper will outline such regime and the oil and gas market as a whole. It will look at the historic development of the market, the current market conditions and players and the legal framework governing oil and gas activities. If you would like a copy please contact info@lawxl.com with your name, email address and company details.