Y. Abul Failat, Third Party Access to Infrastructure in the United Kingdom Continental Shelf: An unhappy mix of Heavy-Handed Regulation and Light-Handed Regulation

“An unhappy mix of poorly-drafted legislation; Statutory Guidance relative to the Ministerial power which is unfit for purpose; and a well-meaning but essentially useless industry code of best practice.” The objective of this paper is to provide a synopsis on both hard law and soft law instruments addressing third-party access (“TPA”) to infrastructure in the UKCS.

B. Jensen and Y. Abul Failat, Oil and Gas Joint Operating Agreements - Default Provisions, A Dilemma by Default

English law is often the law of choice in complex and high value contracts where issues such as remedies, default, limitation of liability and financing are paramount. Further, English law affords JV partners comfort that their JV agreement will be construed in accordance to its own terms and cannot be declared void on technical grounds as no codified structure exists.

Y. Abul Failat, The Iraqi Federal Oil and Gas Law 2011: Exploration, Exploitation and Expropriation

In Iraq, a severe crisis has affected the country's primary infrastructure, through years of war and political turmoil. This has steadily been increasing the levels of stress throughout the economy and has contributed to poor political and social development. Consequently this evolution of events has culminated in rendering oil and gas hydrocarbons as the only possible source of income capable of rebuilding the economy of Iraq.

Y. Abul-Failat, The Oil and Gas Sector in Jordan: An Overview

In order to tackle the accelerating growth in the demand for energy, and confront any obstacles which impede the implementation of prosperous energy projects, The Master Strategy of the Energy Sector in Jordan for the Period 2007 – 2020 (“Jordan’s Energy Strategy”) has been sanctioned by the Cabinet on 7/12/2004. In both the oil and the natural gas sectors, the principle recommendation and goal of the Jordan’s Energy Strategy is to attract foreign investment to explore, develop and produce resources in open areas. 

LXL LLP Energy Handbook 2013

A guide to the Energy Industry for the in-house Energy Lawyer, 
focusing in 2013 on International Arbitration.

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